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Your Body Is Whispering To You

18 May 2015
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
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Our bodies have this subtle voice. They ask for attention. All we have to do is to decode the messages it sends to us in order to translate the warnings. Illness is our friend, illness, is a knock on the door saying ‘hey, do I have your attention now? Can you notice the dysfunction?’

Our body is talking to us. It is the reflection of our thoughts, our emotions and our belief systems. It constantly sends messages to us, all we have to do, is to listen…

According to an article written by George Vasiloreizis (Sociologist), every illness is a cry for love. Every illness reflects the aspects of ourselves that are in need of a treatment. That genuine treatment comes from within. And because of the deficiency of understanding the real causes of an illness, we tend to presume that it is just a matter of coincidence…

Bradley Nelson’s Emotions Chart:

The Eyes are the ‘tools’ of seeing the world.
When we face problems regarding this part of our body, it means that we do not wish to confront, to SEE something about ourselves or in others. Dysfunctions of the eyes in children for example, show that they are facing a difficult domestic situation that they deny to SEE, to accept, thus, they subconsciously grow vision problems in order to escape from this situation.
Cataract: Shows emotional and psychological blurriness of your opinion regarding what’s happening within and around you.
Myopia: You are afraid of the future and whatever it holds for you. But in reality, its your imagination that causes the fear, not the actual reality.
Conjunctivitis: You are struggling to See something that causes you anger and wish to close your eyes so that you don’t see it.


The ears show your readiness to interact with the outside world.

Pain or buzz appears when we no long want to listen or obey. Every dysfunction of the ears shows inner anger or the desire to exclude whatever you do not wish to hear. You may feel that you get disparaged or that you are in a constant state of defense. You have to realize that it is not what people say that makes you angry, but the interpretation that You give to whatever they say. Deafness is a continuous denial to listen to someone. If we observe a couple where one of the two has reduced hearing, we will notice that the other one talks relentlessly.


A tight neck, or the feeling of suffocation means that you might feel restricted or under pressure. Pain while swallowing shows the way that the body has in order to ask you which person or situation you can not accept.


The breast represents the beginning of maternity. When you are facing problems with your breast, usually you are being overprotective towards a person/an experience/ or a circumstance. Plus, they might also predict a hidden feeling of anger of women towards men.


Problems with the back start when the individual feels he or she is lacking of support. Aches at the top of the back relate to the lack of emotional support from others (friends, partners, bosses). Aches at the middle part of the back relate to the feeling of being guilty, fears linked to our past and fears related to financial problems.

If you suffer from kyphosis you may feel like you carry the weights of the world and that everyone depends on you.

If you suffer from lordosis, you usually prefer to do everything by yourself. Also you may find it pretty hard to accept help from others. Your body is telling you that you have to accept help with gratitude and to just say thank you in return.


Hands represent the way we manage our lives, our responsibilities and our talents. Aches in this area shows a reaction of the self that doesn’t express its full potential.

Each finger has its own meaning.

-the thumb represents our mental abilities.

-the index finger represents fears and ego.

-the middle finger represents anger and sexuality.

-the ring finger represents sadness, grief, relationship and breathing

-the pinky one represents struggle, and the heart.