25 Jul 2019 | Student Advice

Moving into student halls, a PBSA or University, can fill many freshers with dread. Even if 80% of you might be buzzing to have some overdue independence, the remaining 20% can’t be ignored. Here are some top tips from students and recent graduates to make your first moments easier and more enjoyable.

Attend fresher’s week events

Fresher’s events aren’t just about going clubbing and getting drunk (although partying can be a great way to meet new people!). Most universities will host an abundance of fresher’s fairs and workshops to help you make the most of your Uni experience. These events will often give you an insight into the various sporting events and societies that your chosen university has to offer, which provides a great avenue for finding new friends with similar interests. When you first move to Uni your main concern will probably be making friends, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try something new – that’s what Fresher’s week is all about.

By Ellie Hutchings

Prop open your door

Leaving home behind and facing the harsh reality of no more home cooked meals and unreliable working central heating can be daunting. My top tip for anyone moving into student accommodation would be to visit your closest IKEA store and invest in a door stop. This handy device will not only help you avoid the terrifying slam of those heavy University hall doors, it will also encourage your equally nervous new-found flatmates to come and say hello. Those first few days are your opportunity to mingle and socialise. So then when you find yourself searching for a friendly face in the midst of fresher’s week, there will always be a few just around the corner. 

By Charlie Sawyer

Make a day of it with your family

Once you’ve packed all your boxes and have waved goodbye to your friends you might find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry, this is completely normal! Moving to a new area can be even scarier, if like me you went through clearing and never got the chance to visit the city you’re moving to. My advice? Make a day of it with your family by exploring your new surroundings. Find out where your nearest supermarket is, try out the route that you will be taking to Uni every day and figure out the social spots that you’ll be venturing to after lectures. Failing that, knock on your flatmate’s door and head out to your local pub. Exploring the city with new friends is always enjoyable.

By Harriet Graham

A little Facebook stalk will help your nerves!

When you find out what halls of residence you are staying in, make sure to look for pages or group chats on Facebook to try and find your future flatmates. I ended up finding a couple of mine online and messaged them several days before moving into the flat, and it made meeting them for the first time less daunting. You will be living with these people for the next 9 or so months, so make sure to give your best impression – getting to know them online first will break the ice massively.

By Imogen Killner

Get to know your flatmates

My top tip is to come prepared with a ‘drinking’ game, whether that is drinking cups of tea or a can of cider. A communal ice breaking game will save your soul from having to repeat what A Levels you did or whether you got into your first choice. There are so many game ideas online, it won’t take you two seconds to find one that you like the sound of. Another really important thing I wish I knew is that although a huge part of student culture is partying, don’t feel like you have to drink alcohol to get involved with the drinking games and activities, soft drinks work too!

By Rebecca Hodson



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