17 Apr 2020 | Wellbeing

University life can come with its challenges. Students may experience stress while trying to juggle impending deadlines, part-time work and a social life. This, combined with the new lockdown measures, can make it feel all the more overwhelming. However, there is no need to struggle alone. Here we speak to The Student Life Coach, Rachel, who has recently launched a free check-in service for students struggling during these uncertain times. Read below for tips on how to manage your general wellbeing, as well as how you can access this service. 

Tell us about yourself

Hey! I’m Rachel, The Student Life Coach. I am a mental health nurse with an additional degree in Psychology. I have supported hundreds of students struggling with a variety of complex and diverse mental health and wellbeing issues to get to a place of stability and happiness. 

I am a wife and mum and generally a happy, fun, optimistic person. I live by the philosophy of having one chance at this whole ‘life’ thing. So we MUST get our mindset right and create opportunities to thrive and achieve crazy, wonderful things.

What was the driving force for you to start ‘The Student Life Coach’?

I understand the highs and lows of studying at University after being a student for six years. Moving away, meeting new people, trying new things, the increased academic pressures and much more. I hear you – it’s A LOT.

As a mental health nurse I have seen the impact of this from a professional perspective and again from working within a university. There continues to be a year on year increase in the number of students needing extra support to manage their mental health and wellbeing whilst at University. 

Often students feel daunted at the prospect of seeking help face to face or over the phone. I wanted to eliminate those barriers and the scary ‘waiting room’ experience and create a super easy to access service that can done from the comfort of your own home.

What services are you offering?

The Student Life Coach is here for moments such as:

‘I don’t know what to do’, ‘I don’t know who to talk to’ ,‘I feel like I can’t cope’

The opportunity to speak with a mental health nurse without a specialist referral, is rare. I offer this opportunity before students reach that point where they are really unwell. Through individual sessions I provide support with a variety of issues such as:

Anxiety, stress, depression, struggles with motivation, concentration, budgeting, making friends, how to combat loneliness, confidence, thoughts of self-harm, self-esteem and much more.

I offer a FREE 20 minute online check-in chat per student. For more in-depth support and advice, I offer 1 hour individual sessions. After each session you will receive a bespoke action plan made just for you to guide you through managing your identified issues. These sessions can be booked as regularly as you like, depending on the level of support desired.

Can you share any key tips to those struggling with their mental health or general wellbeing?

  • Be honest with yourself
  • If you feel yourself sinking. Tell someone. Don’t bury your head in the sand. The sooner you tackle the problem, the sooner you can get back to a good, happy place
  • Procrastination is NOT your friend
  • No one knows how you are feeling but you. So no one can judge how you handle things because they are not you
  • Don’t be hard on yourself when you’re already having a rough time
  • Remember to speak to yourself they way you’d speak to a good friend. Show yourself compassion and kindness
  • Hold yourself accountable to your goals. No one can do this for you. Have a note pad by your bed and set yourself small, realistic goals for the next day
  • Success comes from taking that first step. Even if it’s a teeny tiny one
  • If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed and panicked; take a moment to pause. Deep breathing works wonders to calm your mind and your body. After all they are both connected
  • Mindset is everything. Learning tips and tricks into switching up your mindset from one filled with anxiety and dread to optimism and happiness will lead you to continual success throughout your life

For more info or to book a session, visit or hit me up on Instagram @thestudentlifecoach.


Keep smiling,



The Student Life Coach



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