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The Cost of Living at University: An Infographic by Fusion Students

10 Apr 2019
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If you’ve never lived away from home before, you’ll be surprised how much a bunch of bananas or an energy bill actually comes to when you’re fending for yourself at uni.
Sure, there are some expenses that you can spare but there are also costs that you will have to factor into your budget – but how much does it really cost to live and study as a uni student?

We’ve crunched the number to give you a breakdown of what an average uni student can expect to spend on bills, breakfast, bus fare, and etc. in an academic year, compared the expenses of a Fusion student.


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Note that these figures are annual costs and that these costs are intended only as a guide because living expenses can vary between individuals.

In addition, some courses will require you to pay for specific items, materials, or activities that are not covered in tuition fees.



Save the Student
The University of Edinburgh
University of Bristol
The University of Manchester

*Items such as gym, breakfast, and karaoke are average costs estimated over 39 weeks/10 months in an academic year.