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Success at University: Fusion Students’ Guide to Academic Skills

16 Apr 2019
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Every year, more than a million students from around the country and beyond go, or return, to university.

For many of them, the prospects of going or returning to uni are both exciting but daunting. Most of these students arrive on campus full of enthusiasm, while others have questions – such as “how can I make sure I do well at uni?”.

To help you answer that question, we spoke to students in various cities throughout the UK about what they think helps them succeed at uni. So take it from those who know, and get a head start in your studies with these tips from students who are in the same boat as you:

Found their advice helpful?

Whether you’re an incoming student who wants to know how you can study successfully or you’re simply wondering how you can make friends in uni, we have plenty of tips that you may find useful on our blog; we’ve also created a guide to student success, which you can click to download now.


(Special thanks to all the students who submitted their videos.)