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Student Mental Health in Numbers: A Fusion Students’ Infographic

13 Apr 2019
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Did you know that one in three freshers suffer from some kind of mental health problem? Or that suicide rates in students increased by 25% between the years 2001 and 2005? Now that is a shocking stat!

Mental health problems are as common among students as they are in the general population – in fact, mental health in students has become quite the hot topic in higher education. As thousands of 18-year-olds in the country start to plan the next steps in their academic careers, we think that now is an opportune moment to shine a light on the mental health crisis in UK universities.


We’ve put together an infographic to examine the prevalence of mental health issues among the student population as well as to highlight some of the most surprising stats in student mental health that you should bear in mind.

Click the image below to see…


There’s no shame in asking for help

If you or someone you know need any advice on any of the topics discussed here, remember that help is out there and that a counsellor on campus is always ready to help.

Alternatively, we have plenty of resources on our blog to help you cope with mental health issues and look out for someone who’s struggling with a mental health condition.