Refer A Friend

Sharing is caring, so if you know someone who would love to live at Fusion, make sure you share this offer with them. 

If someone you refer books a studio, we’ll reward you with £150 cash each. You can refer up to 10 friends and earn up to £1,500 and you don’t even have to book with us yourself. 

£150 cashback for both of you

If you’re interested in securing this Refer A Friend Discount, complete the form below and one of the team will be in touch. 



The following terms apply:

  1. The RAF cashback pays a Referrer and Referred Friend with cashback for each qualifying 2019/20 room booking made on or after 1st of March 2019. 
  2. We may change, extend or withdraw this Cashback offer at any time and without letting you know. This will not affect any existing bookings already made under this scheme for which the offer is eligible.
  3. This Offer is only valid on Bookings made with Full advance payment and on a 4-instalment payment plan. This offer excludes bookings made on any other type of Payment plans.
  4. The Cashback is not available to Fusion Students employees. 
  5. Referrer:To qualify for this Cashback the Referrer must:
    1. Provide their ID, full name and promotional code to the Referred Friend; and
    2. Not have already had the RAF Cashback offer approved by Fusion for more than 10 Referred Friends.
  6. Referred Friend:To qualify for this Cashback, the Referred Friend must:
    1. Be studying for a minimum of 21 hours a week for a full academic year for the academic year 2019/2020;
    2. Create a new 2019/20 booking online. On site teams can assist with the online process;
    3. Enter a valid name and ID of the Referrer and promotional code at the time of booking, in the applicable promo code fields. You can go back and add this information at a later date. This information must be added to your 2019/20 booking no later than 20th August 2019 to qualify for the Cashback, and;
    4. Have remained within the terms of the Referred Friend respective tenancy agreements.
    5. Not be a direct family member of the Referrer with the exception of siblings.
  7. The RAF promotional code can be used in conjunction with a New Booker cashback promotional code as long as the promotional codes are entered at the time of booking.
  8. Cashback payment will only be made to the Referrer and Referred Friend when the Referred Friend has met the below conditions:
    1. You are up to date with your rent instalments as of 01 October 2019, or;
    2. You have paid in full for the entire year.
    3. If you do not meet the above conditions by 01 October 2019, you will not be eligible for the Offer.
  9. Cashback payment will be split equally between the Referrer and the Referred Friend (50/50).
  10. The offer is only applicable to the Referrer and the Referred Resident and is non-transferable. In cases where a room is booked with dual occupancy, only the lead booker is eligible for the Offer.
  11. Cashback payment will be made in the form of a pre-paid payment card, cheque, voucher or Bank transfer, no later than 31st October 2019 or at a subsequent later date if for operational reasons we have not been able to facilitate dispatch of the cards to those qualifying. If this is the case, we will notify you no later than 31st October 2019 with an estimate of the revised date of despatch. We reserve the right to pay by alternative methods. Any alternative payment method requests will not be granted.
  12. There’s no limit to the number of friends a Referrer can recommend, and each Referred Friend will qualify for a payment if they meet the conditions. However, we’ll only pay the Referrer for recommendations made before 20th August 2019.
  13. This Offer excludes bookings for the 2019/20 academic year referred through a Nominations Agreement or a Third-party Agent.
  14. We will not make cashback payment if the Referrer or the Referred Friend is in arrears (rent or other charges) up to 01st October 2019. If resident subsequently makes all due payments after this date and is no longer in arrears, they will not receive cashback. 
  15. The decision to pay the incentive is at the absolute discretion of Fusion Global Management LLP.
  16. We reserve the right to withdraw, modify or substitute the RAF offer for another with different terms at any time and without notice during this promotion. Any such change would not affect any bookings already made under the current RAF term.
  17. Use of any voucher or pre-paid payment card is subject to the terms and conditions of the card issuing organisation. Fusion Global Management LLP will not be liable for any loss or damages as a result of participating in this incentive.




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