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Receive a £250 Amazon voucher when you book your room for a limited time only

24 Mar 2017
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You can buy everything you need to survive your university days on Amazon. From the multi coloured shot glasses for pre-drinks to the textbook that is never available in the library. The options really are endless!

So why not receive £250 in Amazon vouchers with Fusion Students by booking a room at Plummer House, Newcastle before Monday 3rd April 2017.

Simply select your promo code as your booking source to claim!

Full terms and conditions apply.
Plummer House £250 Amazon Vouchers:


The £250 Amazon voucher offer only applies to bookings made between 24th March 2017 and 3rd April 2017.


The offer is only available for enrolled students (valid student identification may be required).


To participate in the offer, simply make your room booking in the usual way.


You must select your promo code (Amazon250 Facebook or Amazon250 Google) as your ‘Source’ under ‘How did you hear about Collegiate AC?’


If you have an existing Collegiate account and did not complete the booking process, simply change your source in the ‘My Account’ section before making the booking. 


The offer must be claimed within 30 days of the start of your tenancy and upon receipt of rent due.


The offer can only be claimed by the student with whom the room booking is made under.


The offer has no cash value and cannot be substituted for any other product.


The offer is non-transferrable.


The £250 Amazon vouchers will only be received once the offer has been claimed on your first day. 


Although we will try our best, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your vouchers for 30 days after the offer has been claimed.