Privacy Notice


Details of Controller

This Notice covers personal data processed by Fusion Global Management LLP, Fusion Swansea Propco Ltd, Fusion Sheffield Opco Ltd (FGM, FSP, FSO or “us” or “we”), with an address at 35 Ballards Lane London N3 1XW as a controller for purposes of the UK implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“).   As a controller, we are responsible to you for our use of your personal data.  Personal data is information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.    

This Notice applies to those who book or are interested in booking student accommodation with us and to those who may provide guarantees to our student tenants.  If you have a question about something in this Notice or how we process your personal data, please contact us using the details at the end of Notice. 

We do not direct our materials to children or individuals under 18 years of age.

Personal Data We Process

When you book student accommodation with us and use the services we provide at our premises or when you provide a guarantee, we will collect personal data from and about you.  We may do this in a number of situations, such as when you establish an account with us, when you make a booking enquiry with us or one of our agents, when you book a room with us, when you live at or visit our premises or when you need or want to contact us concerning your accommodation or our services. 

The personal data we process includes the following:

Contact Details

Street address, email address, landline and mobile numbers.


Identification Details

Date of birth, gender, photograph and identification documentation, such as driving licences, passports, bank statements, HMRC documentation and utility bills.


Lease Details

Leased room, tenancy dates and occupant details.


Finance Details

Bank account details, tenancy payment details, credit report details, financial screening details.


Educational Institution Details

Name of educational institution and course tenant is on.


Security and Location Details

CCTV images, visitor log details, internet use data.


Marketing Details Contact details, preferred method of contact, product interests.

We primarily obtain this information from you, such as when you apply for accommodation, register with us, complete forms, correspond or speak with us (in person or remotely), submit an enquiry  or complaint, and provide us with feedback on our services.  We operate CCTV and electronic access systems at our premises and we may obtain information from these sources.  We may obtain information from you as you use services, such as internet services and utilities.  We may obtain information through letting and similar agents who have been engaged by us to market our student accommodation.

We may also obtain information from other sources, such as credit checking agencies and other data sources in connection with anti-money laundering and similar checks. 

We may use the assistance of automatic decision-making tools to assist us in connection with setting up a contract with you or your guarantor, such as a credit scoring tool.  We are happy to review the consequences of this with you, and you should use the contact details provided below. 

In order to provide you with accommodation services, it will be a contractual or statutory requirement for us to hold personal data about you.  Where we are not able to meet these contractual or statutory requirements without your personal data, we will not be able to enter into a tenancy agreement or guarantee with you.   

Special Categories of Personal Data

We may also collect, store and use information about your health, including medical conditions or disabilities, so that we can make reasonable adjustments to our accommodation and services to suit your needs.  Except in exceptional circumstances, this information is collected with your consent, and you may withdraw this consent (see below).


We use this personal data to communicate with you, to contract with you and to perform those contracts, to respond to your enquiries, to provide and improve our services, to meet our health and safety obligations, to meet other legal obligations, to defend our legal rights and as otherwise needed for our legitimate interest of operating our business.

Sharing Your Data

To provide you with accommodation and services and to run our business, we may need to share your personal data with third parties.  Here is information about whom we share your personal data with and why we share it:

Group Companies

To provide services that support our buildings and building services and to provide us with general business support.


Service Providers (IT, facilities management, credit control, financial screening, marketing)


To provide services that support our buildings and building services, to provide services you have requested, to discharge our legal obligations and to market our business.


Professional Advisors  (legal, investigation and accounting advisors)


To support us in meeting our legal obligations to you and to others.


Other Tenants/Potential Tenants 



To arrange a block booking as requested by you and other tenants.



To collect rent and other arrears if you have failed to pay.


Emergency Contacts 



To make contact in the event that circumstances require.
University Authorities 

To protect student safety and to support student welfare.


Health Providers

To protect public health in accordance with legal obligations.


Business Purchasers


To allow new owners to operate our businesses and assets.


Law Enforcement Authorities

To protect our residents and properties and to detect and prevent criminal behavior, including fraud.



These recipients may be processors of personal data for us or they may be independent controllers who direct the means of the processing of personal data.  We may request that independent controllers separately notify you of how they use your personal data if this information is not already provided in this Notice.  You may also contact us using the details below if you have any questions regarding the basis on which we share your personal data with third parties.

International Transfers

The recipients of your personal information may be located outside of the jurisdiction where you reside. The laws of these other countries may not provide the same level of protection as the laws of your home country. By providing us with personal information about yourself, you acknowledge the disclosure of such personal information to these recipients. Any processing of your personal information outside of the UK and the European Economic Area will be in accordance with the terms of this Notice and we will comply with our legal requirements to provide adequate protections in connection with any such international transfer. 


We may process personal data for marketing purposes where you have given your permission for us to do so.   You also will be provided with the option to unsubscribe or opt-out from receiving further marketing communications by following the instructions at the bottom of each communication.

Retention of Personal Data

The periods for which we keep your information will vary according to the purpose for which we use the information. To work out how long we keep each data record for, we consider why we hold it, how sensitive it is, how long the law says we need to keep it and your privacy rights and interests.  Generally, we will hold your information for six years after the termination of your tenancy, although we may delete personal data earlier because it is no longer required.  There may also be circumstances where we may need to hold this data longer, because we are required to do so or if there are amounts owed by you to us. 

Your Rights

You have various rights relating to our use of your personal data, which we have summarised below.  These rights are subject to limitations, and we will provide you with further information about these limitations as the circumstances require.

Your rights include a right of access (to know more about the personal data we hold), a  right of correction/rectification (to correct personal data we hold), a right to be forgotten (a right to have your data deleted), a right to ask us to stop processing your information (to restrict how we use your personal data), a right to object (to request us to stop using your personal data), a right of portability (to have your personal data sent to third parties) and a right to be compensated if we violate your privacy rights.  


If you have given your consent to allow us to process your personal data, which we may ask you for the reasons set out above, you also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.  This will not affect the processing of your personal data that occurred before your consent was withdrawn.  We may also continue to process your personal data if we have an alternative basis for doing so, and we will inform you if this is the case. 

Information Commissioner

 If you are unhappy about the way in which we have used your personal data, please let us know by contacting us as detailed below and we will try to resolve your complaint. If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you have the right to lodge a complaint about the way we handle or process your personal data with the Information Commissioner’s Office and can do so at

Updates and Changes

This notice was last updated on: 08/04/2021.   If we change the way in which we use or share your personal information, we will update this Notice.  To the extent data protection laws permit us to do so, we may also separately alert you to changes. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the above, or our approach to privacy, please: 

Write to us at: Fusion House, The Green, Letchmore Heath Herts WD25 8ER

Email us at: