Group Booking

Life is better when it’s shared with friends!

Book your 2019/2020 stay at Zenith with friends, and we’ll reward each of you with £175 cash. We accept group bookings on 4 or more studios.

£175 cashback for both of you

If you’re interested in securing this Group Booking Discount, complete the form below and one of the team will be in touch. 

  1. Ensure there’s enough of you to fill a 4 or more studio apartments.
  2. Click ‘Book Now’ to book your room.
  3. Enter the code ZENITHGBCB-175 when booking.
  4. Ensure your friends book on the same day otherwise the deal won’t be eligible. 
  5. Once you’ve submitted your booking form, we’ll be in touch to find out the names of the people you want to live with. This is to make sure you all get your £175. Remember, everyone in the group must use the code above for the offer to be valid.
  6. Once you’re moved in, we’ll send each of you £175.

Imagine Living Your Very Best Life

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