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Fusion X: Patches and Flash

26 Oct 2015
fusion student accommodation - blog
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
Fusion Student Accommodation - Blog
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Bristol’s streets are bursting with creativity, influencing every student who comes to study here.

With Fusion Tower set to open on December 12th, we searched the www high and low for the best set of eyes (and cameras) to shoot this incredible city to give inspiration to anyone thinking of moving here!

That’s how we came across Patches and Flash, a fashion and photography blogging duo who cover a range of topics from outfit inspiration to handy camera reviews!

Just one year into their blog, this super talented pair really impressed us with their travel guides and photography tutorials and photowalks, so we teamed up with them to capture the best of Bristol!

Not only did they shoot images for their own blog, but they also snapped some exclusive content for us and ran a three-day takeover on our Instagram.

We caught up with Arthy and Katie, who make up Patches & Flash, to talk us through their favourite photos from the series and their experience from their first Bristol shoot!


What do you love about Bristol?

“We just love the sheer variety that Bristol has to offer, it’s got a little bit of everything really. It makes it such a fun place to explore and wander around in!”


Favourite things to do in Bristol?

“The Apple Cider Boat is a pretty fun way to spend a lazy afternoon. They sell an amazing amount of different ciders and perries, plus the atmosphere is pretty chilled and laid back, which we love.

We’ve also been to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta a few times over the years. It’s good fun if the weather’s good, but the sight of hundreds of hot air balloons flying over the Clifton Suspension Bridge makes for a pretty awesome photo too!”


What are your takeaways from your collaboration with Fusion? How did you approach it?

“We approached the collaboration as we do any other time we are exploring a city or country for a travel post; pinpointing a few initial places we’d like to check out, asking around people we know for any word of mouth recommendations and then just going with the flow when we get there. The images are always just a natural result of that, but we always find ourselves being drawn to anything which strikes as visually interesting; architecture is something we shoot a lot of.

We liked the idea of collaborating with Fusion as it’s a brand which puts emphasis on creating an experience, which is something that would’ve appealed to us both when we were looking at university accommodation.”


What are your favourite photos from the collaboration series?

1. “This one appeals to our love of minimal/abstract architecture!”

2. “We had to pick an image which showcases some of the awesome graffiti art which you can find dotted across the whole city. All of the graffiti artwork at Upfest was so striking, but this one stands out most to us.”

3. “This one is not so much about the image, but we just really loved the shop; it had a real quaint, cosy atmosphere and we enjoyed chatting to Lil, the owner.”

What is your favourite memory from University?

“We both really enjoyed the freedom of living away from home and meeting new people (even though that can be a pretty scary thing for slight introverts like us!). Brighton (Katie) and London (Arthy) are both amazingly vibrant cities to just get lost in and experience new things, too.”


Best tips for current/ aspiring bloggers at University?

“Get out there and do it. When we started the blog, we were a little nervous about sharing it, but the reaction we’ve had since has been great. We really believe in following your passions and a blog of any kind is a great way to showcase them. Not only that, but showing the initiative to start your own side project is a big plus for potential future employers.”