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For people new to Fusion, Luna is in Hertfordshire and Zenith is in Cardiff!


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Hi, I’m Jack! I’ve been working at Zenith for coming up to a year now (it’s flown by!) My role is Sales Advisor, meaning that I help all students find their ideal room and answer any questions they may have.

I can also help with advice on how to get the most out of living in Cardiff! (I’m no expert haha but I’ve lived as a student in Cardiff for coming up to 6 years so I know a few places).

You can usually find me in Zenith’s sales office, however I have to admit my favourite spot is actually the 25th floor view, looking out towards the bay on a sunny Cardiff day, stunning spot! I also have been enjoying a lot of the events we’ve been hosting this year…this photo was taken at Fusion Reloaded which explains the face glitter!

Get in touch with me if you haven’t booked your accommodation for September yet. I’m doing virtual tours of Zenith every Wednesday at 1pm and if you book afterwards, I can offer the first 10 to sign up a £500 discount. Don’t miss out, sign up and tune in!

Don’t miss out on our incredible events programme. 

As you know, all of our events are virtual at the moment so they’re open and free for all students!

Register for your place via our event page, and you’ll receive an email with the Zoom login details on the morning of the event (remember to check your junk folder as they sometimes fall into it)!

Fusion TV has the latest vlog content from the world of Fusion Students. Catch up on the newest videos here or check out our channel for lifestyle tips, hacks and general advice.

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