11 Jul 2019 | Student Life

Life as a student can become routine, so it doesn’t get much better than when you can forget academia and go on an adventure. Whether that is jumping into your housemate’s car and exploring the county or walking a new way back from the SU, here are some of our favourite spots.

The Cambrian Tap – Cardiff

Nestled within Cardiff’s famous nightlife central, Saint Mary’s Street, The Cambrian Tap offers a different experience from its neighbours. Once an 1890s hotel, the pub now offers an extensive 18 draught taps of craft beer bringing it into the 21st century. With fancy bar snacks, free WiFi and an effortless atmosphere, this is the place to go to escape the cycle of the city.


Peddling Pizza – St Albans

A hump day saviour at St Albans Wednesday morning market, Peddling Pizza offers all the doughy goodness we need. Each pizza is hand made to order using Italian or locally sourced ingredients and cooked within 90 seconds. If that isn’t enough to draw you in, the three wheeled Piaggio Ape pizza van it is served from certainly will.


Roath Pleasure Gardens – Cardiff

In between Roath Park and Roath Recreational Ground lies the most underrated park in Cardiff. While it might not have size or ice cream shops,  it always has dogs. So many dogs. Being that little bit further out from the city centre, Roath offers a family vibe and with this comes dogs everywhere. If dogs aren’t your thing and the beautiful scenery isn’t enough to help you escape student life, then the tennis and basketball courts in the park should keep you entertained.

The Olde Sweet Shop – Penarth

Some go to Penarth for the sea, some go for the pier, but the ones who know go for the Rosey Apples. A combination of old and new is tucked away at the entrance of the Pier within this tiny shop. From cough sweets to Dib Dabs every sugar fix can be found and popped into a paper bag. You can grab the cheapest pick a mix you’ve had in years, wander down the pier and finally understand why you were never allowed to eat the whole bag at once.

The High Street – Harpenden

Despite being known for its expensive boutique shops or even the Sunday Farmers Market, the real gems are scattered in between. From the British Heart Foundation to Oxfam, this is the place to go for charity shops. With designer brands and clothes from the fancy boutique’s last season, quality and quantity are aplenty. Once loaded with recycled bags and reusable clothes, the Silver Plate café is the perfect spot to grab a drink and a locally sourced nibble before round two. Tucked up in Vaughan Road, this independent family run business oozes charm, warmth, and pitta breads – what more could you want?

Written by Rebecca Hodson


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