Equality & Diversity Policy


Fusion Students LLP seeks to create a residential environment which is free of harassment and which protects the dignity of students and staff irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic background, religion or disabled status. It regards sexual, racial or personal harassment very seriously and requires all students and staff to observe its policy in this area. Students  and staff who believe they are experiencing harassment within their accommodationor workplace are advised to raise this with their respective Residence Manager and Line Managerin in the first instance. You can also contact the Equality and Diversity Office, or the Students Union Advice Centre.

This operating procedure is to enable you to deal with complaints of harassment or bullying effectively and without discrimination.


This guidance is for all residents and employees.


    • Overview
    • Establishing the facts with the complainant
    • Informing the person who has been named in the complaint




The following sections set out the procedure for dealing with a complaint of harassment or bullying. The procedure will apply where a complaint arises from something in work or at a work related event, social function or business trip.


Establishing the facts with the complainant

  • Read the definitions of harassment or bullying contained in the Anti-harassment and Bullying policy. Familiarise yourself with the policy
  • As soon as possible meet the person who has raised the complaint to establish the facts. Hold the discussion in a private setting. Keep notes
  • Establish if the person has raised the matter informally already. If they have done so ask them what they would like to happen next and tell them that they can raise the matter under the formal grievance procedure or try again following the informal route with your help. Consult HR.
  • If the matter is too serious or they have not tried the informal route, consult HR
  • Ask if they are happy to return to work or if anything needs to happen before they do so. Consult HR
  • If they are distressed offer to send them home on full pay for the rest of the day. Consult HR

Informing the person who has been named in the complaint

  • Consult senior Management and HR before taking any action