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Clearing is here! Check out tips for preparing for your first year at university

19 Aug 2016
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A-level results are in and clearing is upon us. That means it’s time to start getting serious about preparing for your first year at university. But before we get into that, let’s pause for a moment to talk about what you can do if you didn’t quite get the grades you were hoping for.


Even if you didn’t get the A-levels results you were hoping for, there’s still a path forward thanks to the UCAS Clearing system. After releasing offers, universities around the UK will inevitably end up with a few open places in at least some of their courses. If you received a conditional offer pending your A-levels results and ultimately didn’t satisfy the conditions, you may be able to use Clearing to secure your position in a similar course opening.

Making the most of Clearing requires some flexibility. You may not be able to find the precise course you were hoping to enrol in, but there’s bound to be something similar available. With an open mind and a bit of tenacity, you could end up right where you want to be.


Now that the A-levels results have posted, soon-to-be Freshers around the UK are scrambling to get ready for their first year. Here at Fusion Students, we help year-one students find extraordinary residences every year. We understand the challenges and potentially stressful situations that students go through whilst getting prepared. With that in mind, here are four crucial tips from our experienced team:

Sort Out Accommodation ASAP:

This is our area of specialisation, and it’s incredibly important. Your living environment has a bearing on who you meet, how well you sleep and whether or not you’re able to get any studying done.

Follow Your University:

Check the welcome emails that your future alma mater sent you and follow their social media channels so that you’ll always be up to date on the latest happenings.

Get a Student Bank Account:

That way Mum and Dad can easily send you some extra cash when you need it.

Move in Early:

Or as early as permitted, anyway. This will help you acclimate and start making friends before things get serious.

Of course, these are just a few ideas from our team, and there are lots of other ways to get prepared. But most importantly, don’t shy away from getting excited. After all, this is likely to become one of the most defining periods of your life.