22 Jul 2019 | Student Advice

Having fun in Summer doesn’t have to involve travelling across the globe. It’s the perfect time to make the most of the British sunshine and longer days. We asked students for their recommendations on what to do and here’s what they came up with. Just don’t forget to slap on the sunblock!

Brave the outdoors

Britain is famous for its dodgy weather and we’ve invented many different ways to pass the days away while the rain beats down on our windows. Consequently, the surprise of a good day makes it all the more special! So why not make the most of those brief sunny spells this summer and venture outdoors? If city life is becoming too much, why not run to the hills on an adventurous hike? Or, if you prefer the sea, grab a good book and settle along one of our beautiful British coastlines (maybe even be brave and go for a dip). Alternatively, you could try some new extreme sports like coasteering, a combination of cliff jumping, swimming, abseiling and climbing. Or perhaps you could do something small and worthwhile like making your garden beautiful. It’s up to you!

By Ilona Cabral

Check out a music festival

I would like to think that I speak on behalf of most millennials when I say that there is nothing quite like a summer spent gallivanting about in the grassy fields of a music festival surrounded by your dearest friends. Come rain or shine, there will always be a cohort of rowdy teens exercising their right to bounce about in fatal mosh pits and consume their fair share of nuggets and nachos. Whether you are a dedicated metal head, a lover of all things indie and alternative or you stick strictly to the Top 40 Charts, there is a field and a festival for you. I can say with the upmost confidence, that a summer spent at a music festival is a summer well spent.

By Charlie Sawyer

Focus on your own self-improvement

Summer is one of the first times in months when you can use your free time for something other than University work, stressing about University work or procrastinating to avoid University work. It is the perfect time for some well-deserved self-love. Why not spend your time on a new hobby or rekindling your love with one of your old ones? Whether that is dusting off your keyboard and learning that song you’ve always wanted to, or finally getting your golf clubs back out, nothing is more fulfilling than personal achievements for no reason other than happiness. Especially after months of academia!

By Rebecca Hodson


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