6 May 2020 | Student Life

Top FAQ’s asked on the last weekly webinar – Ask yours by registering and tuning in each Wednesday at 1pm.

1. How will I know I like Cardiff as a City?

So I never went to an open day at Cardiff, risky I know, but it had an amazing course, so I knew I wanted to go. So I decided to go onto google Earth and look through the City, it actually was a fab place to start, it gives you a great feel for city and gets your bearings. Cardiff has so much to offer, all within an area that you can get around by walking and bus, check out this space in the future, I will be writing about living in Cardiff and give you some top tips for the City. Viewing the City is useful, but making sure you can view your accommodation is essential, cannot stress that enough, have a look around ours via our virtual tour!

2. Is there always someone to speak to in Zenith?

Absolutely, we have lovely staff at the building 24 hours a day you can speak to, feel free to get to know the people at Zenith! My usual home is round the side of the building, and I love people popping in for a coffee (obviously, not in the present situation frown).

3. What is the atmosphere at Zenith like?

POSITIVE, I love cap locks, and Zenith deserves it, it is such a positive place, that sets you up to get the most out of Uni as you can, and this is reflected in the atmosphere, it has such a variety of people and facilities, that Zenith can be whatever you want/make it to be.

4. You has mentioned getting involved with societies, does Zenith help with this?

Completely, we have a great relationship with loads of societies, who come into Zenith to hold events like basketball competitions, Fifa competitions, nights in our Sky Bar and loads more. So when you are in your society, you can use Zenith as a place to bring your society (societies are always looking for facilities to use), and meet people from the societies as well!

5. Will I meet people if I live in my own Studio?

YES, I cannot stress the importance of having your own space, and in Zenith, all the Studios are on the same corridor, so they have an American Halls feel to them- your friends can just be next door! We have loadssss of events too, ideal for meeting your new neighbours.

6. Does the shuttle bus cost extra?

Not at all, its included and just for Zenith residents, trust me, the time you save not walking to Uni, especially in rainy Cardiff, makes a huge difference.

7. Can I arrive back late at night?

Of course, we have staff at reception 24 hours a day, so if you come back late at night then you can let yourself in with your key card.

8. What is the most used social space?

I couldn’t say, people use all of them, but my favourite is the Rooftop Terrace, you’ll struggle to find any place like it in Cardiff, you have your own space outside above the sound of the city with incredible 360 views!

9. Are there events?

So many, and at the moment we have transferred them online providing our residents with just as much entertainment and treats! Usually we run them all over the building, and further afield with trips to different Cities, massive events like the welcome carnival last year, Pres for societies and teams, Sport competitions, Fusion Bingo and so much more.

10. Are you currently still running events?

Check out our Instagram (@fusionstudentsuk) or visit our events page to find out and sign up! We have transferred our events over to virtual and are running art classes, cooking classes, cocktail making, yoga and plenty more. I’ve also been running our “Fusion Bingo” events, which have been great fun.

11. What views there are from Zenith?

The 25th floor views (as I mentioned in last week’s Wednesday Webinar) have to be seen to be believed, especially the view across the City at night. Gorgeous views down towards the bar, rooftop terrace 360 views, with your room you just have to choose how high up you’d like to be!

12. What is the best way to get around Cardiff?

Parking is so difficult in Cardiff, that a car is not only hard to use but also one of the slowest ways to get around. This is why we offer our Zenith residents access to our private shuttle bus to get you to Uni.  We also have bikes that you can borrow for free to get yourself around, which in a city that takes you 15mins on a bike to get across is perfect!

13. What has been your best moment at Zenith this year?

I knew the answer to this questions on the spot! It has to be the Zenith Reloaded event at the beginning of the year, I’ve never saw anything like it as a student.

14. How are people still booking their accommodation during lockdown?

Really easily still. I am as busy as ever answering questions, helping with instalments and carrying our virtual viewings! There’s nothing stopping you being able to book your ideal room with us here at Zenith!

15. What is the wackiest hobby that you have started doing during lockdown?

I’ve started growing a worrying amount of plants (haha). Something I’ve loved seeing is how involved our Zenith residents have been in our weekly crafting events. It’s amazing to see how creative they are and has definitely inspired me to get more arty!

16. Do you know if there will be much of a Freshers’ week next year?

I’ve seen loads of advertisement by Cardiff Uni about Freshers’ week, and how they’re going to try to make it as good as ever. Zenith will also be doing the same! If you’re worried about missing out, I wouldn’t, just make sure you get yourself down to Cardiff in time!

17. Can I store my own bike at Zenith?

Not only can you store your own bike, we have Fusion Students bikes available for you to use for free. If you’re still interested in buying your own (I would never recommend bringing a car to Cardiff if possible), then there are plenty of places to get your second-hand bike such as Facebook marketplace, or come to visit me and I can always help.

18. Where are you based at Zenith?

Great question. If you do want to find me, I am based in the side office of Zenith, which faces onto Herbert Street. I’m always happy to have Zenith residents come visit me to ask about student life.

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