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What to Pack: All the Essentials That Every Fresher Needs

19 Jul 2018
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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for; freshers’ week is just around the corner. But first you need to decide what to bring with you.

As freshers’ week approaches, the idea of kitting out a place to eat, sleep, study, and bond with fellow students can be daunting to some – especially those who have never spent more than a few weeks away from home before. Luckily for you, here’s a guide to packing for uni to help you move onto a new chapter in your life.


Important Documents

As much as you think you can delay it, much of your freshers’ week will probably be spent doing admin that requires all sorts of documents.

Don’t be that person who gets to the front of the queue only to realise that you’ve left your form of ID at home, so here’s a list of what you should bring:

• Passport, driving license, or some form of ID

• All official university correspondence, including your acceptance letter (CAS)

• All student finance correspondence

• Accommodation documents

Your bank card or bank details

• Passport photos

• National Insurance card or number

Make sure you keep copies of them somewhere safe too, just in case your originals go missing.


Electrical Items

You may want to bring a laptop that you can take to lectures, or you can bring a small, portable desktop computer for your room. Whichever you choose, just make sure you do your research and get a robust one that will last you all the way to your third year; check that it’s installed with up-to-date, relevant programs that you’ll need for your course, such as Microsoft Office, because software and applications can be expensive to buy as extras.

You should also consider investing in a couple of hard drives to backup your coursework – you can’t be too careful. Just be careful to only bring what you really need. It may be handy to have your own printer but most university libraries will provide printing services for students.

Also don’t forget to pack an extension lead (should you need more sockets), any chargers for your phone, laptop, ebook, or any other electrics you plan to bring – but if you do leave one at home, there’s always eBay to help save the day.


Clothing Items

Everyone has their own style, so there’s no definite list of clothing you should pack for uni. You will want to buy new clothes at some point, but here are a few essentials that you will definitely need to take to uni:

• Casual wear

• Warm clothes

• Smart outfit

• Underwear and socks

• Trainers

• Dress shoes

• Waterproofs

The key to clothes-packing for uni is to not overpack but at the same time to make sure you have everything you need, at least for the first term. You need to have the appropriate clothing in your wardrobe if there are field trips or formal events – or you’ll be doing a lot of unnecessary clothes-shopping!

(Read our Student Capsule Wardrobe blog to get a dose of fashion inspo on how you can make the most of your wardrobe!)


Bathroom Essentials

Big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion can take up a lot of space in and add weight to your luggage. So ask yourself “Can I buy this when I get there?” when packing your bathroom essentials, if the answer is yes, then it’s probably a good idea to leave it behind. However, if you’re sharing a bathroom with other students, then make sure you have your own towels and toiletries – because sometimes sharing is not caring.

The days, weeks, or even months leading up to your big move is an exciting time! We hope this list has saved you from stressing about what to pack – if it has, give us a shoutout on Facebook and let us know!