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7 Ways to Have a Fun Student Night Out Without Alcohol

13 Nov 2018
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When you’re a student going on a night out, you might find yourself in places that inevitably serve alcohol.

It can be tempting to throw the rule book out the window and have a cheeky drink or two, but if you’ve decided to cut down, stop for a bit, or give up for good, don’t miss out on a good time. Here are a few night-out ideas if you still want to enjoy yourself and unwind… without the headache the morning after.


1. Get Locked In

No, we’re not suggesting that you lock yourself in your room away from £1 jagerbombs. But you can pay for someone else to lock you and your friends away from temptation. Escape rooms are dotted around the country, and you can choose from dozens of weird, wonderful, and downright terrifying themes. Police crime scene? Zombie apocalypse? Harry Potter? They’re all on offer!

The idea is simple: you and your friends are ‘locked’ in a room with a timer counting down, giving you an hour to escape. You’ll solve a series of puzzles, find clues, open locks, and generally run around like headless chickens in order to escape before the time runs out. Trust us, alcohol would be the last thing on your mind when you’re running away from flesh-eating zombies!


2. Sing Your Heart Out

Is it time to face the music? Don’t worry if standing on a stage singing to a crowd of strangers is more your idea of hell than a fun night out. There are karaoke parlous with private booths you can hire for parties of different sizes – unless you’re staying at one of our properties, then you can access our karaoke room. So grab your friends and enjoy a good ol’ sing-along – and hope your friends aren’t secret Simon Cowells.

3. Let’s Get Quizzical

Are you better than Google when it comes to unearthing trivia? Then this one’s for you: taking part in a quiz night is a great way to get together with friends, and stretch your brain cells or show off your sporting-trivia prowess at the same time. You’ll be too busy trying to get all the questions right to think about what they have on draught.


4. Cook Up a Storm

Many cookery classes have been designed to guide rookie cooks like you through traditional recipes and cooking techniques and to make sure that you come out of the course a top-notch cook! Some classes will even throw dinner parties for students to revel in their own glorious culinary creations and reflect on the skills they’ve learnt – which makes all the slaving-over-a-hot-stove easier to swallow! *No pun intended*

Let’s face it: students don’t have the healthiest of diets, so anything that helps you to fend off burgers and beer is always a good idea.

(… But you don’t have to join a cooking class to learn how to quit fast food: check out our Fusion Food blogs on tasty takeaway alternatives and foods to boost your brainpower.)


5. Take a Trip to the Cinema

It’s an obvious choice, but who doesn’t love a good movie? A trip to the cinema is a great bonding experience for you and your friends, especially when it’s a film you’ve all been looking forward to or a sequel that you’ve been waiting for. Most cinemas also offers special student discounts on tickets with NUS cards, and other food and drink combos to give you more for your money – take that, Netflix!

For something a bit different, look for pop-up screenings and events, like old-school drive-ins, or themed showings in special locations. Did you know: there will be a private cinema in our Cardiff property Zenith?


6. Take to the Stage

Eager to show off your talents? An open mic night is the perfect opportunity for you let loose, recite poetry, play an instrument, or serenade the crowd with your original songs.

Not everyone enjoys being the centre of attention, so maybe you just want to tag along with a couple of friends or cheer on as part of the audience, an open mic night is a great way to enjoy the evening – yes, even without alcohol.



7. Discover Mocktails

Dropping the booze doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to drinking lime and soda. If you really can’t ‘have a good night out’ without a drink in your hand, then maybe it’s time you got amongst the mocktails! These fruity lil’ numbers will be your saving grace. You will feel involved at parties and still have your cute Instagram moment that doesn’t set you back £15. So get out there, join the party, and try some mocktails – go on, you’ve earned it!

If you’ve decided to improve your eating and drinking habits, we hope these tips will help to get the ball rolling! Remember that this list is by no means exhaustive, so go and have yourself a cracking good time, and let us know if you have more suggestions – you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.