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Fusion Food: How Students Can Spend Less Money on Takeaways

15 Jun 2018
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Did you know, 16-24-year-olds spend more on takeaway than any other group in the UK?

As a student, it’s easy to be thrifty. Discount codes and student cards give you money off all over the place, from high-street favourites to cinema tickets and meals out. But when it comes to takeaway, you want the food – and you want it now. But in doing so, you may be throwing away money that could be better spent on prawn crackers.

If you’re a bit tap-happy on Just Eat, though, you could be missing out on big savings. Here’s a few quick tips to fill you up without emptying your wallet:

1. Shop Around

Sure, we all have a go-to place for each cuisine, and you know they dish out good grub. But it’s worth reviewing your options every now and then. Prices may differ from restaurant to restaurant by just a pound here and there – but (we know we don’t need to tell you) it all adds up. Which brings us on to our next point: avoid disappointment by making sure you…

2. Read the Reviews

Obviously, reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt, but an extra five minutes of speed-reading (come on, we know you’ve mastered that by now) will let you know you’re getting tasty food and good value for money. If people are complaining about the portion sizes or the quality of the meat, move along. You’ll have dozens, if not hundreds, of options to choose from, and despite what your grumbling tummy is telling you, you won’t starve if you wait to find the perfect place.

3. Check Your Phone

Join mailing lists and follow your favourite local takeaways on social media. You’ll hear about the deals that you might not be able to find online, and you might even run into a competition or two. Remember when Just Eat gave one lucky winner free takeaway for a year? We weren’t at all bitter to have missed out on that one…

4. Don’t Bin Flyers

If there’s one thing you can count on student events for, it’s free pens and reams upon reams of vouchers. Domino’s and Pizza Hut are in hot competition to win your custom, so their discounts are usually generous. Local takeaways also favour flyering, so keep your eyes peeled for free delivery and other freebies. Nobody ever said no to free prawn crackers or curry sauce.

5. Sharing’s Caring

There are two types of student, and this is going to send chills down one of their spines.

We all know a Smithy. However, if you can find someone you trust enough to share your bhunas with, you can order a whole selection of dishes without having to cough up the price for it all yourself. Sure, you risk that one friend taking more than their fair share of chicken wings, but variety is the spice of life.

6. Pay It Forward – to Yourself!

Keep an eye on offers that your local takeaway might have. Pay it forward to future you by opting for that BOGOF deal. You can pop the second dish in the freezer. Admittedly this idea lends itself more to a lamb rogan josh than a chicken chow mein – but if you choose something that’ll keep well, you’ll be thanking yourself later!

7. Get Cooking

Don’t stop reading – we know that sometimes, you just need a takeaway. And that’s okay. But if you’re just being lazy, or you have food in the cupboards, or you’re a bit broke, you know that cooking isn’t all that bad.

Check out our favourite alternatives to a takeaway with your mates in our last Fusion Food blog.

Cooking hacks for when you just can’t deal:

  • Split the cost of a slow cooker with your flatmates – you can throw in loads of ingredients, a pint or so of water, and leave it to stew for hours. Lovely to come home to after a day of lectures or seminars.
  • Pasta bake – easier than it looks. Boil the pasta, preheat the oven, and bake. Mix the pasta with your favourite toppings, grate a load of cheese on top, and wait for 10 minutes. No Deliveroo driver is that speedy.
  • Supermarket takeaways – not technically cooking, but if you really can’t summon the energy to cook, supermarket “fakeaways” are easier on your wallet than a full order from Golden Dragon.
    Pop round your mates’ – we all have that one maternal friend who’ll have made spare, “just in case”.
  • Don’t make a habit of sponging off them, but give them a shout in your time of need. Just promise to do the dishes in return!

Whether it’s for a good cup of tea and a catch up, a study-break snack, or a proper dinner cooked mum’s way, kitchens are the heart of every home – and that includes students digs. That’s why we give our students the best kitchens you could ask for. Whether you’re sharing an apartment or you have a room to yourself, you’ll have access to cooking and dining spaces that’ll bring everyone together. You’ll just need to decide where to order from!

View room-types on our location pages, or follow us on Facebook for city guides, student lifestyle advice, and a monthly instalment of Fusion Food. Yum.