17 Oct 2020 | Student Advice

Being a student is all about taking the first steps into the real world. Whether a budget is involved or not, there are plenty of creative and bizarre ways to make your life as a student just that little bit easier. From cleaning hacks to food tips, here are my 7 hacks to simplify your lives.

Bin juice hack

Hate taking out the food bins for fear of the dreaded bin juice? It happens to the best of us with those pesky flimsy food bin bags, but it has to be done. To avoid the bin juice, simply put a piece of newspaper or kitchen roll at the bottom of the bin, changing it each time. In a student house or halls, you’ll always be inundated with flyers and bits of unwanted paper, so put it to good use!

Long-lasting vegetables

Buying veggies for one person usually ends in rotten leftovers that either expired or were never used. Vegetables such as carrots and celery can be left in tubs or cups of water in the fridge to increase the longevity (and make great snacks). If you’re not sharing a bag of potatoes with another housemate and you don’t want to waste them, put an apple in the bag! The ethylene gas in apples stops them from sprouting, and onions actually cause them to sprout.


Study snack incentive

If you’re really struggling to concentrate through a piece of work, reward yourself with something small regularly by placing a sweet or chocolate after every page or chapter. Your body will crave the sugar and the taste, but only after completing a task!

Keeping the shower clean

To try and avoid the dreaded big clean to win your deposit money back, regularly clean your shower head with this simple trick. Wrapping a plastic bag (or a sandwich bag) filled with vinegar around the head of the shower will take the residue off overnight with minimal effort.

Hot and stuffy room?

The heat in student halls of residence is like no other in British summertime, and simply keeping a window open in the tiny rooms is never enough to get rid of the stuffiness. By hanging a damp towel over an open window, the warm air clings to the water in the towel and cools down a room fast and efficiently!

Reheating pizza

If you’re not one for cold pizza for breakfast or lunch, but find reheating pizza a bit unsatisfying, this one’s for you. There’s nothing more disappointing than an un-crunchy pizza crust, so by putting a glass of water in the microwave alongside the pizza for about 45 seconds, the water sucks up the moisture and allows for the crust to be crispy.

Free phone speaker

We’ve all been to those awkward house parties with no speakers. We’ve all missed our alarms by accident or on purpose. Placing your phone in a bowl or glass actually works as a free speaker for your musical needs! I actually went through a period of placing my phone in a bowl overnight at the other end of my room, so when the alarm went off (very loudly), I was forced to get out of bed to turn it off. Completely free and very successful.

Managing a budget is hard enough as a student, which is why these hacks are designed for minimal student loan usage. The money that could be spent on a real speaker or shower cleaner all adds up in the long run, so why not use items you already have at home?

By Imogen Kilner



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