5 Oct 2020 | Student Advice

With over 2.2 million apps available on The Apple App Store and over 2.8 million apps available on the Google Play Store, it can be difficult to decide which ones to download. Well, I’m here to help! I’ve selected some of the best free apps available to students, which cover a range of activities, including saving money, getting organised and staying safe on a night out. There’s even one that helps you to find recipes by making use of what’s lying around, which is great if you’re looking to reduce food waste.

1. Student Beans

Student Beans is an amazing way to save money everyday of the year, with offers on snacks like 10% off at Dunkin Donuts or popular fashion at 15% off with ASOS. As well as this, you can grab tickets for Thorpe Park and Alton Towers for as low as £20. Now that’s a deal! Not only is the app easy to sign up to with your Uni details, it’s also accessible online (just in case you come into any problems with the app!). Another bonus is that you can sign up for a FREE ID card, so you don’t have to worry about losing your University ID card for verification of age. It’s also really handy to have when you go out to shop, if you prefer to roam the High Street instead of the internet! They even have a Top 20 feature, which makes it easy to find the best deals and offers that are currently available.

2. Unidays

Unidays is an absolute Godsend for any type of discount that you can’t find anywhere else, such as 20% off Apple Care and even 20% – 70% off at Office. As well as being a great website/app for students to save money and find the best deals around, Unidays also runs an amazing blog! Considering that you’re reading this blog, you’ll love the articles included in Unidays. They discuss a range of really interesting topics that would definitely interest students, from lifestyle articles like ‘The Top 10 Must-Visit Rooftop Bars for Socially Distanced Cocktails to foodie and money saving blogs such as ‘Meals You Can Make for Less Than £5’. Whether you’re an aspiring journalist like me and love to get new ideas, or are just interested in saving yourself some money, Unidays is the perfect place to get the best of both worlds.


3. Timetable

This app is really simple to use and allows you to create your own timetable. You can add your classes, social commitments and other responsibilites, allowing you to keep track of everything in one place! Being able to keep track of all of your commitments at once makes life so much easier and ensures that you don’t forget any appointments, classes, deadlines or even just a lunch date with your friends.

4. Canvas Student

Canvas is the go-to hub for everything you need to know about your course. You can participate in discussions, review upcoming tasks, sumbit assignments and even check your grades. The app also has a messaging features, so you can stay in contact with teachers and classmates. It’s easy to use and great at keeping track of your studies.

5. Drunk Mode

Not only is it super stressful when you get split up from your group of friends when on a night out, it’s also pretty boring when all you wanna do is enjoy your night. A simple and easy way to resolve this is Drunk Mode! The GPS feature on the app allows you to locate your friends, who must also have the app, so that you can go back to enjoying your evening. 

6. Circle of 6

This is another amazing app that looks out for the safety and wellbeing of you and your friends. Originally designed to help prevent sexual violence, Circle of 6 is a discrete app that allows you to alert up to six of your friends that you could be in a dangerous, risky or uncertain situation. It only takes two taps to send out a pre-programmed alert to your trust circle, hopefully preventing a very uncomfortable situation for you or even somebody else. It’s easy to navigate around, so no matter how stressful the situation, Circle of 6 looks out for your safety with just a two-click guide.

7. BigOven

This is the perfect app for those of you who struggle to come up with meal ideas! BigOven allows users to discover recipes by making use of what’s lying around, which is great if you’re looking to reduce food waste. All you have to do is put in your list of ingredients and it does the work for you. Other helpful features include a menu planner and grocery list.

By Chloé Williams 



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