14 Jul 2020 | Student Life

The pandemic has changed many people’s plans this summer. Whether you are a fresher who was ready to enjoy your first university summer, or a graduate who was seeking adventures abroad, many have definitely had to pause for thought. However, just because you may be limited to the UK this summer, it does not mean that it has to be any less fun. Here are just a few ways we can all still have a fantastic summer and stay connected with our friends!

Explore the World virtually

Many of the world’s most famous and iconic places are offering virtual tours, and you don’t even need a VR headset to experience them! Hike the Great Wall of China, get a glimpse of the northern lights or take a virtual trip to Japan. Fancy a bit of Arts & Culture? Well now you can explore museums, including from tThe British Museum and The Louvre, from the comfort of your own home.

Take your taste buds around the World

Though you might not be able to taste new and strange foods in markets abroad, you can still take your taste buds on a global adventure! Cardiff has loads of small shops, which sell fantastic and authentic ingredients that you might not find in larger supermarkets. Head to Roath or Cathays to sample Hungarian, Indian and Japanese cuisine from one of their food shops.

Host your own film festival

Whether you want to have a movie night with friends or hold a film festival themed party, there are so many ways that you can go about this. If you want a virtual gathering, why not use a service like Netflix Party or TwoSeven to join together whilst apart? Alternatively, if you are already living with friends, you could invest in a mini-projector (as well as movie appropriate snacks) and enjoy the big screen experience from the comfort of your room. You could even take this outside if you a have a garden!

Additionally, one of Cardiff’s biggest summer food events, Street Food Circus, is bringing drive-in movies to the city. Keep an eye on their page here!

Try a new outdoor activity

This summer is the perfect opportunity to try out new things! Why not take up a new hobby like climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking, surfing or even just hiking? Cardiff is surrounded by lakes, mountains and the sea, all of which provide spectacular venues for adventure activities. Looking for the perfect route? The Wales Way, which comprise of three national routes, leads you along the coast, across North Wales and through the mountains.

Explore Britain’s National Parks

There are ten National Parks in Britain, three of which are located in Wales (the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia, and the Pembrokeshire Coast), providing the perfect opportunity to strap on your hiking shoes and explore the great outdoors. Depending on which Park you choose you could be treated to the sight of mountain goats, otters, polecats and many more. Remember to pack your camera, binoculars and sunscreen/raincoat!

Go on a foodie adventure

Wales is known for delicious eats like Rarebit, Bara Brith and the famous Welsh Cake but there are many other food hotspots around the UK. Why not head off for a foodie holiday in the Cotswolds, where you can stuff yourself with scrumptious cheeses and breads from charming local markets? Or, if you want a longer break, you could even head up to Edinburgh, the gastro capital of Scotland, to enjoy some incredible food and take in a couple of castles along the way. You could even sneak in a whisky trail, or two, if you fancy!

Have your own mini music festival

Was there a certain festival that you were planning to attend this year? Well, whether or not it is still happening, you can still celebrate it with your friends! Go as crazy, or tame, as you like. Dress up in your favourite festival outfit, set up your own bar with your favourite drinks, have a BBQ and, of course, blare your favourite bands. If you wanted to go one step further, you could even invite your friends to camp outside in your garden for the evening. 

By Ilona Cabral



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