21 Dec 2020 | Student Advice

New Year’s Eve is always a favourite amongst the younger community, especially students! It’s so much fun, whether you are spending it with friends or family, at home or out on the town. However, everybody knows that this year is set to be very different. Are we in a tier where we are allowed to go out and enjoy a drink or two with a small group of friends? Or are we only allowed to have a Zoom party with friends? Either way this blog is set to give a few ideas, no matter what situation you find yourself in this New Year’s Eve.

Have a Zoom party!

Let’s be honest, Zoom has been everybody’s best friend this year. Whether it’s been to communicate with loved ones who live a long far away, attend lessons, or even just to catch up with friends – it’s so helpful! The app is available on your phone and laptop, so it really is one of the easiest and most simple ways to see people whilst adhering to social distancing, no matter what tier you may find yourself in!

Zoom parties can be a lot of fun and with the ability to add up to 100 people there’s definitely room for everyone. If you are a vulnerable person, don’t fancy going out during Covid or are living in tier 3 or 4, Zoom is here to save you. Although the free version of the app only allows up to 40 minutes of free calling time, it’s easy enough to disconnect and recall after your time is up. There are SO MANY THINGS that you can do during a Zoom party, here are a few ideas:


  • Themed Quiz: Why don’t you and your friends all come up with a round of 5 questions each based off of events that have happened this year? For example: Who is Joe Exotic? What date did the UK go into lockdown?
  • Most Likely To? This drinking game is really fun and always a laugh between friends. Posing questions such as “Most likely to go missing on a night out?” and “Most likely to get lost on their way home” are sure to set a great and funny mood.
  • Silent Disco and Shots: Everybody loves a Silent Disco on a night out (I don’t trust you if you don’t), so why not recreate it at home? Take it in turns to play some music wherever you are but mute it to your friends and have them guess what you are dancing to. Each of you should have 30 seconds to come up with an answer to your friend’s dance, write it down, hold it up and wait for your friend to finish dancing. Whoever guesses incorrectly has to down a shot!

Zoom WhoDunnit Immersive Experience

Everybody has heard of Murder on the Orient Express, but this modern twist of the whodunnit game is a virtual experience that you and your friends or family can all get involved in. The company takes bookings for groups of up to 10 people, so if you live with your family or a group of friends, you can definitely all get involved in the experience.

Fancy Dress Party

If you love any excuse to get dressed up and are lucky enough to be living in tier 1, then why not have a fancy dress party with 5 of your closest friends? Leaving the decision of what to wear up to your guests can sometimes lead to little effort made, so why not choose fancy dress themes for them? The possibilities are endless! Whether you opt for popular TV and film from this year, like Tiger King or Mulan, or dress up as something silly such as hand sanitiser, you’ll definitely have a lot of fun.

At-Home Meal Kits

Everybody has gotten used to ordering food this year, not only to help out local businesses but to also stay safe and at home. So why not celebrate in 2020 style? Get comfortable, throw on some comfy clothes and order you and your friends or family a meal kit of your choice. Whether you fancy a burger, Italian food, beef wellington or even Vietnamese food, Plateaway has lots of different cuisines to choose from that are sure to satisfy the whole family.

Home Bar Party

This one is for all the party people who are going to miss dancing and drinking their way into 2021. If you’ve been good and miss partying as much as I do, creating a bar for you and your family at home is a great way to see yourselves into the new year. There are so many cool ways to make your own bar at home. You can even order at-home cocktail deliveries that are sure to set your night off on a good start.

As well as your at-home bar, you can include club-like features such as happy hour, shots and maybe even buy yourself some neon lights. Give the house a makeover that any club on new years eve would be proud of! If you’ve got some people in your family or circle of friends that don’t drink, remember to stock your at-home bar with some non-alcoholic drinks.

Host a games night

Whether you are celebrating with friends or family this new year, a night full of games, drinks and good food are always a lot of fun. A group night where you can socially distance is a great option for a small group of friends or family in tier 1. Whether you decide to get the PlayStation, Wii or board games out, it’s sure to be a lot of fun. Here are just a few game ideas that you can play:


  • Cards Against Humanity: Everybody knows that this is a crowd-pleaser on a night full of drinks and celebrations! The raunchy yet hilarious card game is so much fun to play with the right people, but just make sure everybody around the table is of age, we don’t want any questions or awkward conversations on new years eve
  • Heads Up: This up to date version of ‘Guess Who’ is much more family-friendly! All you have to do is grab some post notes and write down a famous actor or actress, icon, model or celebrity on each one. Have one of your family or friends mix them up and stick one on your forehead – but no peeking, that defeats the purpose of the game! You’ll have an endless amount of guesses when trying to figure out who you have
  • Mario Kart: It may be an old school option, but what’s a game (or a few) of Mario Kart amongst friends and family. Split yourself into teams, whichever team wins at the end must take a shot each. You can play as many times as you want!

Eventhough this year has been hectic, sad and scary at times, we all deserve a good celebration for New Year’s Eve. Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas that you can enjoy with your family or friends, whilst staying safe at the same time. Have as much fun as you can this New Year’s Eve and celebrate in pure 2020 style, safely!

Happy new year!

By Chloé Williamson



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