20 May 2019 | Student Life

While most first-year students go straight into residence halls, there’s a bigger variety of accommodation options available to you in second year – but how do you know where to find the perfect living arrangement?

Here at Fusion, we understand that no student wants to live in a rubbish flat, but don’t let this fear pressure you into making any hasty decisions! Here are five of the most important things you need to consider when choosing your second-year accommodation.



1. Location, Location, Location

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: we all know how important location is when choosing where to live. Use your second-year-student knowledge of the city to find out…

• Whether there are transport links to your uni and to town
• What the local nightlife is like
• Where the nearest shop or convenience store is
• Where the nearest library or study space is for when the uni one is rammed

As well as having all these convenient amenities in the neighbourhood, you also need to check whether the property is within an easy travelling distance to your uni; something you’ll be grateful for when it comes to 9am lectures!


2. Bills

In a 2015 survey by Glide Utilities, all-inclusive bills came out on top as the highest priority for students when it comes to accommodation. This should come as no surprise really, since everyone knows that bills are one of the biggest living costs for students, so making sure that they’re included in your rent could make a huge financial difference throughout the year.

Having all-inclusive bills doesn’t only just save you money, it’ll also give you, the busy student, one less thing to worry about when it comes paying your bills – with all your bills capped, you know the exact amount you’ll be paying each month without unwanted, nasty surprises.


3. Security and Safety

Opportunists know that young people on their way home from a night out are less alert, so crime rates in student areas can be high – and security is something that every student should take seriously when looking for accommodation.

If you’re not familiar with the area, do a bit of research to find out how safe it is. If you’re concerned about security, speak to the building manager; ask if there’s an alarm system and if the doors and the main entry to the building is adequately secured if you’re living in a house of multiple occupancy (HMO), in which case your landlord is required to abide by stringent HMO regulations to have all these measures in place for your security and safety.

As well as making sure all anti-burglary measures are taken, remember to check that the property has working fire alarms, accessible extinguishers and fire blankets, and clearly marked emergency exits.



4. Furnishings

You may not pay attention to the furnishings during viewing, but that nice comfy bed you see may disappear by the time you move, so make sure you have a clear idea of what’s included in the inventory and what’s not. Cosy, well-designed interiors make a huge difference when you’re going to spend a lot of time in your room, so you don’t want to end up moving into a dreary and boring box on the first day of your new academic year.


5. Facilities

When choosing your second-year accommodation, ask yourself if you can cope with sharing a bathroom or would rather have an en-suite so you can take long showers and take your time getting ready. We offer both in Luna: the linked studio rooms are perfect for you and your BFF, or you can just have the studio room all to yourself. Whatever you choose, just remember that that it’ll be the place you call home for the next year (or even two), and the last thing you need is having to share the bathroom with someone who has unusual shower habits.

In addition to in-house facilities, find out if your potential new home accommodates your other needs as well – whether it’s a gym, a private cinema, or a social space (both Zenith and Luna offer all of these amenities, and so much more).

Ready to make a move?

Choosing where to live is not an easy decision to make, so get advice from those in the know! You can get in touch with our team via the contact page or by calling us on +44(0) 208 912 5882.



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