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5 Places to Visit from Newcastle Within 45 Mins

17 Jun 2018
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If you’re staying in Newcastle, first of all consider yourself lucky! This beautiful city is a popular choice amongst students for a reason. It’s not only been quoted to have the best student quality of life in all of England, it’s also located just down the road – or rails – from to many other wonderful towns and cities. Here are five that are worth the trip.


15 minutes by train

Durham is one of the most popular tourist spots in the region. With Instagrammable cobblestone streets, medieval bridges, and the serene River Wear running through the city – which is blessed with the famous Durham Cathedral, castle, and tower – there’s something to marvel at around every corner you turn. If you’re after a destination with plenty of character and heritage, then you really can’t go wrong with Durham – not to mention it’s only a 15-minute train ride away from Newcastle!


25 minutes driving

At the heart of this village, you can find Beamish Open Air Museum, where life at the height of industrialisation has been preserved since the early 20th century. Despite being labelled a ‘museum’, you won’t see any glass cabinets keeping artefacts out of reach. What you will be able to do is take a tram ride back in time, visit a working 1940s farm, go underground, explore mine heads, and more. In the market for souvenirs? Dress up in “old” clothes and have your photo taken – now there’s an image you won’t forget for a while.


30 minutes by train or driving

Sunderland is home to beautiful sandy beaches, a lively marina, and one of England’s best airshows in the summer. The history of Sunderland dates back to 1179 when a small fishing village was granted a charter, and it even claims ties with the first US president – bet you didn’t know that! Over the centuries, Sunderland has grown from the largest shipbuilding town in the world to a young, vibrant city with a buzzing nightlife… Post-exam celebration, anyone?


35 minutes by train

Need some fresh air to clear your head? Make your way to Tynemouth; it only takes a little over 30 minutes on the Metro! Every weekend, the Tynemouth Metro station hosts a market, where you can find handicrafts made by the locals, vintage goods, street food, and unique one-off items. What Tynemouth is best known for though, is its pristine, golden-sandy beaches that stretch from the Tyne and Wear region all the way to Scotland!

You know who likes sandy beaches? Dogs! Make your day a 11/10 by bringing along a friend or family member’s pooch, or see if there’s anyone in the area who needs an enthusiastic dog walker on

Northumberland National Park

45 minutes driving

At Northumberland National Park, you’ll find the country’s cleanest rivers, clearest air, and darkest skies. Whether you decide to explore the park with your classmates or on your own, there’s plenty of activities here to get stuck into. You can take your time and relax in picturesque valleys, uncover the park’s Roman past, leave the tarmac behind and go trail-running, or spend the day wildlife-watching.

BONUS trip: Bamburgh

1 hour driving

This is a bit of a cheat, but drive just an hour’s drive up the coast, you’ll find Bamburgh. Towering above the sandy shore is the magnificent Bamburgh Castle, which’ll score you plenty of Instagram likes, and is well worth a tour of. If you’re a nature lover, or fancy yourself an Attenborough-in-the-making, the Farne Islands are a short ferry trip away and are blessed with 55,000 pairs of pretty puffins. Well worth the extra 15 minutes driving!

Newcastle has plenty to offer, but we hope that we’ve convinced you to explore further afield! Don’t forget to give us a shoutout on Facebook and tag us in your ‘gram if you do go to these places!