27 Apr 2021 | Student Advice

The day that most of us have been patiently (or impatiently for some of you) waiting for the past year is finally set to arrive- end of lockdown! And hopefully for good! This past year has left many of us feeling grateful for the smaller things in life, like gardens and daily exercise or meeting a loved one socially distanced in a park. Yet, we are all still yearning to return to some sort of normality, with a passion to do our favourite activities from pre-lockdown and feeling the courage and motivation to try activities we’ve never done before.


It is important to keep in mind that many of us have struggled during lockdown, and it will be a challenge for some to come out of it and readjust to the ‘normal’ life. Your first reaction may be to hit the pubs and restaurants straight away, but your mental health is really important, so it’s advisable to take it one step at a time and do things in your own pace as it can suddenly get overwhelming, so take care and check in with all of your loved ones as well as yourself as you all recover from the past year’s events and come out of lockdown.

Find routines, stay connected, eat well and exercise just as you did (or didn’t) during lockdown to make the transition easier. Your situation and mental state is unique to you, so don’t judge yourself based on what others are doing.

Here are a few things that you can do once COVID rules are relaxed, and lockdown is lifted.

Go camping

Ah, the best getaway (for some). Try a wallet friendly and fun staycation from the UK’s best campsites while making sure to keep up to date with the recent camping guidelines.

Go to a cafe

Support local businesses and relax in the ambience of a coffee shop while reading your favourite book or catching up with a loved one. Maybe even meet some new people! Post-lockdown will have many opportunities to meet new people so be sure to take advantage of it.

Drive a sports car

Yes! Get out of lockdown in the fast lane by booking a track day and driving a Porsche or Ferrari. It’s sure to make you feel better to be in control of something when you were forced to slam the breaks in March last year. Maybe even try go karting if you don’t have a driver’s license or prefer something more budget friendly. 


Book a stay at a hotel

Missing that fancy/luxurious life? Book a stay for a night or two at a hotel with your best friends or romantic partner. Don’t forget the breakfast in bed!

Book a spa day

Oh how long it’s been since we’ve had a proper pamper day. It’s time to untangle those knots and hectic past months with a relaxing massage and why not try to book some time with a sauna to release all that stress that’s been clogging up your pores.

Get your nails done

Press on nails haven’t been forgiving on us during lockdown, and this is also the chance to try something new. For those who haven’t gotten their nails done before, get a manicure and pedicure and flaunt some fancy new nails!

Visit a place of worship

Feel refreshed and restored by visiting a church, mosque or temple. Being at a place of worship will surely make you feel peaceful. Maybe, also light a candle for all the loved ones you may have lost during this dreadful time.

Visit a theme park 

Want to experience the adrenaline rush of being in a roller coaster and other rides sure to make you throw up? Theme parks are the place to go! With sufficient outdoor space and room to social distance, it’s a great opportunity to experience a different scenery.  

Go to the cinema

Socially distanced experiences are possible at the cinema so be sure to check with your local cinema for rules and guidelines. Grab yourself some popcorn and sweets and enjoy a new movie on the big screen.

Go shopping

Window shop, actual shop, whatever- spend your money on items that weren’t available during lockdown and help boost the economy again. Don’t you miss carrying home a bunch of shopping bags and unpacking everything that you bought? Of course, you do. Just remember to grab your favourite drink on the way to accompany your spree!

Invite your friends over for a movie night

Living at Fusion Students has its benefits! Take full advantage of the auditorium and invite your friends over for a cinema experience!


Plenty of charitable organisations are always looking for volunteers. Working at minimum capacity during lockdown must not have been easy. Hit up your local charity shops, animal rescue organisations and even local restaurants that are helping feed the needy to volunteer an extra pair of hands.

There’s so much more you can do, such as book a holiday, re-visit gyms, have a professional style and colour your hair for a new look, book a tennis court to challenge a friend, go swimming, visit the beach, go rock climbing, test your fear of heights with sky diving, booking a romantic dinner for you and your partner or friend(s) and reuniting with loved ones.

I think it’s safe to say that life is short and unexpected. It’s important to be in the present and enjoy the little moments, for we won’t know what will leave our fingertips within the blink of an eye.

By Lakshima D.M



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